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Meet Tionna: Luxury designer with a country flair.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The two biggest passions in my life are interior design and family. That’s what you’ll notice immediately when you work with me. Yes, I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in designing beautiful interiors, but I can guarantee you won’t ever find me in heels. You’re more likely to see me coming to a meeting after feeding the chickens on our farm with rubber boots in tow. This is who I am and I always believe in showing up as my authentic self with every single client.

I share my life with my amazing husband, Danny, and our two beautiful sons, Sawyer and Smith. As some of you know, life with two toddlers is messy, fun, ever-changing, chaotic, and totally worth it. My family roots run deep and I bring that desire to build strong relationships with every single client I work with. I love creating genuine connections and spending the time to get to know each client and family personally. We’re designing a dream space together - that’s a pretty big deal! Seeing their vision come to life simply isn’t possible without truly understanding these amazing people I work with along with the values and vision they have for their space.

Prior to starting Interiors By T, I worked for a wide range of companies in interior design and consulting. My favorite projects were always selecting and matching color palettes for renovation projects. I wanted to be part of every single detail, whether big or small, and I always found it important to see the entire vision through to the very end.

My newest venture is the creation of my first product line, Wallpapers By T. The idea started with wallpaper in my own home getting ruined by little hands spilling drinks (and everything else) on my fresh wallpaper, and essentially having no possible way to fix this. It would be ruined the instant any liquid spilt on it… mom life!

Further to that, whenever shopping for client wallpaper, I’d always have a specific vision in mind for the perfect final addition, but I could never find exactly what I was looking for. I decided that in order to offer more value to my clients, I was going to need to create a product of my own. Something that was durable, water-resistant, and delivered the high-quality we were searching for. So I took the first step and began working with designers and specialists who could make this vision come to life.

I’m so excited to officially introduce the new Wallpapers By T product line. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



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